On October 18, 2021, English versions of the Standards for Survey and Assessment of Coastal Ecosystems and for Ecosystem Restoration for Prevention and Reduction of Disasters were launched by China Association of Ocean Engineering.


The Chinese (http://www.hyjianzai.cn/article/jz_works/2/26409.html) versions of the 20 standards for coastal zone protection and restoration projects were developed and released for voluntary use as organizational standards of the China Association of Ocean Engineering in July 2020.


On 10 October 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the third meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Commission, which specifically studied the issue of improving China's natural disaster prevention and control capacity. The meeting emphasized to implement coastal zone protection and restoration projects, build ecological seawalls, and enhance the ability to withstand typhoons, storm surges and other marine disasters.


In alignment with the decisions at the meeting, the Ministry of Natural Resources of PR China (MNR) together with other relevant ministries has launched a comprehensive coastal zone protection and restoration program. In order to guide and standardise the approaches to implementation of the program, the Department of Marine Early Warning and Monitoring of the MNR commissioned the National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service and other academic institutions to develop these standards with joint efforts of nearly 100 professionals and technicians from the MNR and relevant institutions nationawide.